Zippy Munchkin The Spontaneously Rescued Furry

August 2008 - March 27, 2010

ZippyThe little critter needed a permanent home and we had a vacant cage, so it was a perfect match!

I was surfing the Sacramento SPCA website looking at all the pets needing homes, but since our cat Felix is elderly and undergoing cancer treatment and our Golden Retriever Bentley is well into his senior years, they need our full attention and we are not looking to add any cats or dogs to our family.

But the SPCA has an "others" page that had a few hamsters listed, and a hamster is an easy pet to add into a furry family that feels a little too small. We used to have two more cats, and with two senior pets it seems a little quiet around here! I forget what his shelter name was, but the little hamster was described as friendly and not a biter. So we decided to make him a member of the Indulged Furry home. After getting him home and settled into his 3-story cage, little mr. hamster needed a new name.

The cage Zippy lives inDwarf hamsters are a bit high-strung, and this guy was no exception. Even after a few days of getting settled into his new home he was not eager to be handled and when I picked him up he gave me a little nip. Since he likes to zip around his cage, and since he munched on my finger, he got the name Zippy Munchkin.

Zippy is nocturnal and rarely wakes up before midnight. He might poke his nose out of his hidey-hut when I'm refilling his food bowl, but he doesn't like to be disturbed and will attack the spoon when I try to give him treats when he's in his house.  But he gets treats anyway and I just wrangle the spoon away from him!  He's occasionally up in the early morning getting a drink but for the most part we don't see much of him.  He likes his spacious home, runs on his wheel, runs through his pvc fittings (from the hardware store), hides under his wood log (from the reptile department) and sleeps in his coconut hidey-hut (also from the reptile department). He enjoys his life and lives it on his terms...zipping around his cage, being handled very little, getting good food, treats, and attacking the spoon that feeds him!