We Recommend These Hamster Products

Food: Kaytee Hamster and Gerbil Mix

This mix contains "chewies" (dehydrated sweet potato pieces) that we both love.  There aren't many in the bag, so that makes them an extra special treat.  Have your human find them and hand feed them to you.  The dried banana pieces are yummy too.  Have your caretaker break them into smaller pieces so they last longer.

Ingredients: Corn, Oats, Wheat, Sunflower, Millet, Green Split Peas, Milo, Oat Groats, Shelled Peanuts, Pumpkin Seed, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Dehulled Soybean Meal, Ground Corn, Toasted Corn Flakes, Toasted Wheat Flakes, Barley, Raisins, Dehydrated Carrots, Dried Bananas, Safflower, Dried Papaya, Canadian Field Peas, Dehydrated Sweet Potatoes, Dehydrated Apples, Ground Oats, Ground Wheat, ....and a lot of other "stuff".

Fiesta Hamster Food

A plastic "Igloo" style home

Bigger isn't always better, and the "mini" size has plenty of room to make a cozy bed.  This house cleans up nicely with hot soapy water. Various colors are available so you can match the color to your personality or decor.  Maybe you will be indulged with more than one....just for a change of scenery now and then!



A cotton rope toy / chew from the dog department makes for great bedding.  There's nothing like the soft, warm comfort of cotton!  Ok, this isn't 380 count Pima cotton, but in my opinion, it's even better.  Have your caretaker use a sharp kitchen knife to cut through the knots and make 3 inch long pieces of cotton string (adults only please....kids and sharp knives don't mix).  You can get multi-colored cotton, or "natural".  If you're feeling festive, go for the multi-colored cotton.  When you feel like relaxing at the spa, use the "natural" color. Either way, you'll be sure to have a cozy day's sleep.

Rope Toy / Bedding

For general cage bedding, we recommend two different options:

Unscented aspen shavings make a wonderful general cage floor covering. They're absorbent and easy to clean out of the cage.  We do NOT like the chlorophyll-scented stuff, or rather, our human caretaker thought it was much too strong smelling. 

The pressed paper stuff works well too, especially if you're a long-haired hamster like me (Rusty). The aspen shavings had more "catchy" edges that got tangled into my fur, and that's just unpleasant!  The paper bedding doesn't get into my fur quite as much.  To be truly indulged, get the pure white bedding.  If you're saving up for a cage accessory that's not serving as your sidewalk, the darker paper stuff works just fine.

Remember, no cedar shavings....they aren't healthy for hamsters.



Now it's time to get serious about indulgence!

There's no wheel like the Wodent Wheel. The Wodent Wheel Jr. to be more precise.  We can't rave enough about this wheel. It's the recommended size for hamsters (8" diameter, 2.6" wide, 2.1" entry holes, overall height 9.1") and we fit just fine in ours.  In our opinion, this is the best wheel available, and the only wheel suitable for an Indulged Hammy.  No squeaking metal wheels or wire running surfaces are anywhere to be found on this wheel.  What hamster wants to listen to a squeaky wheel while getting his or her nightly exercise?!  When it's clean and well-oiled, a hamster can cruise at top speed on this wheel - Wheee!!  Before ordering, make sure the 9.1" high wheel will fit in your cage.  If your cage is too small, Get A Bigger Cage....this wheel is worth it!

Wodent Wheel
Available at Transoniq.com
These people love Hammies and other small pets!

Speaking of cages, we prefer a wire cage. You may read about some hamsters living in a glass aquarium, but hey, we're not fish!  They may be easy for your caretaker to clean, but there's no air flow in an aquarium, they're small, don't have separate levels, and just aren't well suited to hamster living.  The plastic cages with all the plastic tubes are ok, but those seem awfully hard to clean.  Plus, if you're a gnawer, or have a persistent dog or cat living in the house, they can disconnect the tubes and get at you.  So, our preference is for a wire cage, a BIG wire cage. An indulged hammy has the largest cage their human can afford.  Remember, this is your home for your entire life so bigger is generally better. 

Wire Cage

Exercise is a must for active critters like us, so be sure to get an exercise ball.  The Wodent Wheel is fine for those late night romps, but it's always nice to be able to get out of your cage and explore your human's house. We're indulged, but we don't like those odd exercise contraptions (car-shaped things, etc),  Those are for human amusement, not for hamsters.  Stick to the good old-fashioned ball, and be sure it's a clear one so your view of the world is not obstructed.  Again, bigger is not better.  Get the small hamster-sized ball or you won't have enough "hammy power" to get the thing moving.

Exercise Ball

Gizmo here:
For the discrete and tidy hammy like myself, there's potty litter.  I liked the unscented type and found the boxed litter to be quite functional.  My human knew not to use that coarse-cut cat litter clay clumping stuff.  Litter specifically made for small animals is best for us.  Put it in the base of any hard plastic cage accessory (it needn't be a "potty"...see the strawberry below), it makes a wonderful toilet.  


Let's not forget the basics. A water bottle and food bowl are a must.  Any good quality dining accessory is just fine for an indulged hammy.  Of course you could get fancy (like us) and eat off a piece of tumbled Italian stone tile purchased from the home improvement store, but the bowls really do work better at keeping your food where it belongs.


There are some nice natural wood accessories available too, but when they start to get untidy, be sure your caretaker gets you some new ones.  Shop in the reptile department and look for natural wood bark tunnels like the one shown here.  We've also found stick structures for climbing. The smaller one are the right size for a hammy to explore.  Natural products are for the Indulged, (and I don't know if the polyresin items are safe for hamsters) so we use and recommend only natural wood products.


A lovely cage accessory like this Strawberry can brighten any Indulged Hammy's day.  It can be a feeding station, hide-away, or...sorry to be indiscrete...a potty.  The hard plastic cleans up well, so whatever you decide to use it for, you'll have a nice cheery accessory in your home.


Think outside the Pet Store!

The Indulged Hammy doesn't limit him or herself to the pet store for cage accessories.  Remember to look in other places like the hardware store. PVC fittings make wonderful hide-a-holes, tubes, and play places. These are a 2-inch elbow and 'T' fitting.  Wood dowels make good chew sticks.  Use your imagination, but remember to be safe! 

2-inch PVC Elbow
2-inch PVC 'T'