Smokey Quasar — The Mischievous Indulged Furry

July 27, 1994 - May 12, 2003

got my toy!You were a unique manifestation of the diversity this universe has to offer Little Girl, and I was honored to have known you. Although you were here for only a brief time, you touched my heart and the hearts of others. You were truly worthy of wonder and awe. I know you're not "waiting" at the Rainbow have far too much fun ahead of you exploring the universe. There are lizards to catch and treats to eat, and lots of other things to discover. I hope you are as indulged now as you were here with me. I know you'll visit when we need your spirit with us, and I know we'll meet again. You'll forever be a part of my spirit, and all I have to do is look at the Big Dipper to see you and your "Happy Tail".atop the doghouse