Rusty Fuzzball— The Nippiest Indulged Furry

Jan 2004 - Nov27, 2005

Rusty at the cage doorRusty preferred to live life on his terms, which meant never being touched by a human.  We managed to give him what he wanted by training him to crawl into his exercise ball when I placed it in the cage.  Or maybe he trained us, we'll never know.  But we did outsmart him once.  He needed his claws trimmed, but there was no way we could hold him for that.  So "dad" lured him to crawl up his cage using a favorite food treat.  While his toes gripped his cage bars, I used a nail clipper to trim his nails.  I was quite proud of our ability to outsmart a hamster! 

After 1-1/2 years of an Indulged Life, Rusty joined Gizmo on that Big Hamster Wheel in the Sky.