Edward Lionheart — The Furriest Indulged Furry

1990 - November 5, 2006

EdFor 11 of his 16 years my "Living Teddy Bear" lived the Indulged Furry Life.  But I think I was the one who was indulged....with a big bundle of fur who just wanted to sleep on his momma and be loved. 

After a rough start in life you learned to enjoy so many indulgences: kitty and doggy friends; a mom who loved you, your quirks, and even your unhappy sounding "mewoah"; a dad who gave you "karate chops" and mowhawk hair-dos; and of course places to lounge shamelessly. I can picture you sitting on a padded chair with your pal Barney, looking over a grassy lawn and soaking up the sunshine.  

You left this world under a full moon, and that will be your sign. A big round moon beaming brightly down upon us. Take care my Eddie Bear. I will miss your big furry ruff snuggling up against my face.

The Ed