Bentley — The goofiest Indulged Furry

August 8, 1992 - August 12, 2009

EdOur sweet, goofy, Golden Retriever. You joined our family late in life, and maybe that's one of the reasons you lived such a long life of 17 years; to make up for the early years when you weren't appreciated for the incredible creature that you were. You were gentle with everyone you met: adults, children, dogs, cats, and even hamsters. You just wanted to love and be loved. You were joyful at the smallest of indulgences. And you were patient with us when we showed our human flaws. I will never forget the moment you reminded me that being a loving, patient, compassionate person is the most important thing I can be in this life. Thank you for making me a better person.

The night you left us I went in the back yard to look up into the sky and think about you, and our kitties Felix, Smokey and Ed. I knew they had welcomed you to Spirit World, but was sad you were no longer here with me. At that moment, the brightest "shooting star" I've ever seen streaked across the sky. It was so low and directly overhead that it seemed to be passing through the space above our yard. I knew it was a sign you were telling me you weren't really gone and that you would always be with me.