Bentley's Health Record Summary

I keep a file folder of health information for each pet. This gives me and anyone else who might need it a single place to look for all of their health history and current health information. I also leave it out for the pet sitter or give it to whomever is caring for them if we are away.

On the outside of the folder I have their photo. It's a "mug shot" that shows their face and major body markings.

Taped to the inside cover of the file folder I have a current health summary. I update this page any time there is a significant change in their health or care. This is the most important information someone would need to take over the daily care of our pets.

Inside the folder I keep copies of all their lab tests and notes about their vet visits. I also keep all my home monitoring notes about their weight, eating & drinking habits, bathroom habits, medications, and other behaviors (sleeping, playfulness, agility).

Bentley's health summary page.

Born 8/8/1992
Neutered male, Golden Retriever (purebred)
Adopted in 2001 from the original owner, whose mother was the breeder.

As of May 2009

Medical history

  • No longer receives vaccinations
  • Allergies / skin irritation. Very bad in 2001, initially treated with prescription food (Eukanuba FP), prednisone, and benedryl. Maintained with prescription diet only.
  • Acid reflux due to allergies. Treated with famatodine and Tums (see medications).
  • June 2005 spleen removed. Benign overgrowth of spleen (Dr. Campbell).
  • Arthritic hips. Does not bear much weight on left hip. Walking is very limited. He can not stand steadily or walk on wood floors, tile, or other smooth surfaces.
  • Reacts severely to bug bites. Give a benedryl tablet if needed to reduce reaction and itching. He will bite his skin raw if the reaction / itching is not controlled.
  • Due to his acid reflux, be sure to remind vet that he gets rimadyl and will have G.I. problems if given prednisone. Dr. Campbell ok'd benedryl for bug bite reactions.

Current Medications

  • Famatodine (1 Pepcid AC 10mg tablet) twice daily with breakfast and dinner to reduce stomach acid.
  • Rimadyl 75 mg chewable tablet with breakfast and 75 mg tablet with dinner for arthritic hips. Began rimadyl in early 2005.
  • Tramadol 50 mg tablet with breakfast and dinner for pain control.
  • Cosequin DS chewable: 1 tablet twice daily with meals.
  • Revolution (selamectin) for dogs 40-85 lbs, applied every 30-45 days.
  • Tums antacid as needed: 2 tablets if he's making swallowing / gulping noises or licking his lips. He has acid reflux and swallows a lot to soothe it. If he's outdoors, he'll frantically eat grass to soothe the reflux. He'll pass the grass through his system - not vomit it.

Food - Prescription only, no treats

May 2008 - serious bout of diarrhea was resolved with 5-day course of metranidazole and K-P solution (veterinary kaolin/pectin). Dr. Campbell recommended feeding 3x/day and decreasing dry food and supplementing with cooked potatoes to reduce protein and increase carbohydrates.

Eukanuba FP (fish and potato) dry, supplemented with mashed potatoes.
Three times daily (8am, 5pm, 11pm) - mix 1/3 cup instant mashed potato flakes with enough water to make it soupy. Add 2/3 cup dry food. Add more water if needed. His daily medications are added to his first 2 meals.