Bentley Gets a Wagon

Icon of dog in cart Arthritis can get an old doggie down, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of adventures still to be had. With a little creativity, old doggies can get out and about and enjoy some good sniffs. Bentley loves to get out for some good sniffing and "meet & greets" with all the neighborhood dogs and people. But his arthritic hips make it hard for him to walk more than 2 blocks, so we've had to stay on our street and haven't been able to go to the local park which is 4 blocks away.

His new wagon makes the park easily accessible!  We chauffeur Bentley to the park where he can get out and enjoy a short walk.

Bentley's first trip in his new wagon

After settling in and realizing we weren't carting him off to the dog pound, he enjoyed his trip to the neighborhood park where he could get out for a little walk, sniff trees, leave "pee mail", and greet the other dogs and their humans. We got a few stares, but then everyone smiled and told us what a good idea it was.

Bentley in his wagon being pulled by Jeff
Returning home with Dad at the helm.

Bentley in his wagon being pulled by Donna
It's Mom's turn to pull me.

We also joined in the local July 4 parade, where Bentley drew lots of smiles from people as he rode the parade route in his decorated wagon.  All the other dogs walked, but they were much younger and more energetic.  Hopefully we gave some dog owners a good idea so when their dogs are older, they'll get their own wagons and still be able to participate in all the fun.

4th of July Parade - I'm in my wagon
That Dalmation has to walk, 
but I'm too old so I get to ride in my wagon.

Bentley in his wagon decorated for July 4 parade
I was the only dog who had his own wagon at the 4th of July parade!

Wagon Details

Image of Wagon Fold-down sides for easy access
Holds 500 pounds so Bentley could bring a friend!
Smooth ride on 10" pneumatic wheels
20" x 40" steel frame - Plenty of room for Bentley
Bamboo side rails
Cost $60 at a local home improvement store (Lowe's)
Padded handle (for human comfort)

Our additions: A pad and blanket for more comfort

We purchased the wagon about 6 years ago, and I haven't seen a similar one recently. The wood sides were cute, but the bamboo got very weathered after year or two, so metal sides may be better. I searched online but can't find the wagon we have.  Here are a couple wagons I found online (10/15/2013):

The Garden Plus 6-cu ft Steel Yard Cart at Lowes looks like it has a solid base, which I think is best so doggy paws don't accidentally get pinched. 

The Gorilla 2-in-1 Utility Cart at Sears but it has a mesh base. You'd probably need to add a piece of plywood in the bottom of the wagon to keep doggy's paws safe. Then throw a blanket on top to prevent splinters. 

These carts cost a little more, but they're as close as I can find to what we had for Bentley. Home improvement stores, big garden or plant nurseries, farm supply, or hardware stores would be places to look.

Bentley was a bit nervous about new things we so liked that the wagon had sides and he couldn't try to climb out. If your dog is calm, you might be able to use a children's red wagon that doesn't have sides. The ride won't be as smooth because it has hard wheels, but it might work for you.