Bentley — The Goofiest Indulged Furry

August 8, 1992 - August 12, 2009

Born "Sir Bentley of Hidden Oaks", I joined the Indulged Furries family in July 2001 when I was almost 9 years old. For 2 years I lived next door to the Indugled Furries, and I could hear the cats and their caretaker in the backyard. I'd stick my nose up to the slats in the fence and sniff, sniff, sniff....hoping to get some attention. I'd even jump on top of my dog house so I could look over the fence into the Indulged Furries' living room window. I knew there were wonderful things going on over there, and I wanted to be part of it. I was irresistible, well trained and knew how to mind my doggy manners, so the kitties' caretaker would come over and get me (with my family's permission), take me for walks, bring me in to the Indulged Furry house for late night tv, and lavish attention on me.

Bentley puppyBentley

Tennis Fuzzy StickFor two years I lived a double life.  At my owner's home I was ignored a lot. But when my Indulgent Mom took me next door, I got a taste of the Indulged Life with petting, walks, petting, treats, petting, and napping in her lap. In July 2001, my first family realized I was happier and better cared for living in the Indulged Furries' House, so I moved there permanently.

With my first family, I was trained for duck hunting. But once I became an Indulged Doggy I retired. I remember one weekend when my 1st-dad went duck hunting without me. When he came home, I heard his truck and asked to go see him. I sniffed the truck and could tell where he had been, and it brought back lots of memories.  1st-dad got out a duck he had brought home and tossed it out on the lawn for me. I ran over, sniffed it, then ran back to my 1st-dad empty-mouthed and flopped over for a belly rub!  My 1st-dad just laughed and petted me, knowing that I was enjoying the Indulged Life.    

Do you ladies want to pet me?Want to pet me? I enjoy going to the dog park and taking a dip in the pools, sniffing the bushes, and meeting the other dogs. Most of all I like to meet the other humans.  In these pictures, none of the people are my owners, I just thought they would like the pleasure of petting Me! I'm so well-mannered and loveable that everyone usually give me a good petting, even when I'm soaking wet. Who can resist a Golden Retriever?

Me and EdAn Indulged Doggy can never have enough beds.  My beds are firm foam because my old doggy hips can't get out of a squishy bed. I have a 6-inch thick bedroom bed and a thinner bed in the living room that has a soft faux-sheepskin pillow. In winter, sometimes I get the electric blanket put next to me so I can snuggle against it and keep my joints warm. When my kitty brother Ed was still living, he and I sometimes slept together. He's a big furball who tends to be a bed-hog, but he's my brother and I didn't mind the bedtime company. I have another foam bed and a queen-size comforter out in my dog house that helps keep me warm during winter.  I'm not very furry for a Golden Retriever, so my mom gives me a comforter to help keep warm. The temperature dips just below freezing here during the winter, so mom brings my comforter in from the doghouse at night. Then, during breakfast, mom puts the comforter over one of the heating vents and makes it nice and toasty for me.  She takes me outside, fixes up my warmed comforter, then I lay down on it.  Oh, it's nice to be an Indulged Doggy.

Cover me with Toys!An Indulged Doggy can never have enough toys. This is particularly true of Indulged Golden Retrievers, who must always have a toy in their mouth or close at paw. Depending on the toy, I can be very gentle, or gnaw the life out of it! The only toys that survive my gnawing are the hardest rubber Rhino or Kong-type toys. There's also a toy called "Go Fetch" that I really like.  Tennis-ball textured toys are fun too. They're fun to "skin" and I can leave a wet fuzzy mess that mom must clean up! My favorite toys are ones I can hold with my paws and chew at the same time. I'll show some photos of my favorite toys on my Product Recommendation page.

I'm indulged with good food and treats, but not the way you think.  I have allergies, and I'm only allowed to eat one type of prescription food. Have to keep my sleek doggy physique!It's made of fish and potatoes, and it keeps me free from itchy skin and upset tummy. When I first moved into the Indulged Furry House, I weighed 100 pounds!  My mom thought I was ok...she could feel my ribs and didn't look "fat", but my vet said, "He's supposed to have a waist back here behind his ribs".  I think I heard myself being described as a "sausage" and thought that was a bit harsh.  But the vet was right, retirement had left me with a few extra pounds and I was no longer in top retrieving form. I needed to get back into shape before the extra weight caused me any long-term health problems. So, I started a strict diet of my new prescription food, no treats, and lots of walks and exercise.  I've been holding steady at 75 pounds and it sure feels good to be trim and healthy.

I Love Hamsters!The Indulged Hamsters will tell you that I'm "obsessed" with them.  That seems like a negative way of describing my "passion and focus".  I don't know what it is about those furry little creatures, but I'm just captivated by them.  Maybe it's their smell, how small they are, that they scurry about, or that they can be INSIDE a ball.  I don't know, I just love watching them whenever I can. Mom always keeps a very close eye on me when I'm following the hammies around the house while they're in their exercise ball. But I'd never hurt them, I just forget that not all balls are my toys and I want to help them get around the house a little easier.  Honestly, they're never leaves me alone with them. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Indulged Doggy Life.  Any time you want to come over and visit me, just drop on by.  I'll let you in so you can give me a good petting!