Sammi — The Regal Indulged Furry

1999 - November 18, 2011

I joined the Indulged Furry House on December 5, 2008.
My birthday is celebrated January 24.

We're not sure how the first 10 years of Sammi's life went, but just prior to our adopting her, she had a lot of turmoil in her life. The story we got from the SPCA is that the owner couldn't care for her and gave her to a friend. While under the friend's care, something happened to Sammi's paw and they couldn't take care of it so they surrendered her to the SPCA. After having her paw amputated at U.C. Davis, Sammi spent about a month living with the vet, then was returned to the SPCA for adoption. We adopted her just a few days after that, so we were her 4th home over the course of two very traumatic months.

Maybe Sammi sensed we would give her a loving, stable home because when we entered the cat adoption room, she made a bee-line for her soon-to-be dad. I was busy trying to extract another cat from my purse (Raven, who we also adopted), and out of the corner of my eye saw a cat come across the room, jump to the couch cushions, then stand on the back of the couch in front of her soon-to-be dad for petting. When I turned to pay more attention to the kitty who had endeared herself to her dad, I realized she was missing a front leg. Oh well, the bond between kitty and dad had already formed, so despite any missing parts, she would be one of the new members of our family. 


Sammi walking on the couch Sammi made quick work of settling in to her new home, but she was very anxious about being held. She'd squirm and wriggle to try to get away with an "I'm scared" attitude. Some cats don't like to be held, but she obviously enjoyed being with people because she'd sit next to her dad and follow him whenever he moved to another room. Maybe over the last couple months she associated being held with having some sort of unpleasant medical care for her amputation. To get her used to being held without any terrible things happening, several times a day her dad picked her up, held her, walked around, and carried her to her food bowl; anything to reassure her that being held was not going to be a terrible experience. Since dad is the person she was attracted to at the shelter, he's her "safe" person, her "protector", and she's more relaxed with him than with her "mom" who does the ear cleanings, etc. After a few months, she no longer get anxious while being held, but it isn't her favorite activity. And that's ok, some kitties just don't like being held.

Despite not enjoying being held, Sammi practically begs to sleep cuddle up under the covers with me. Maybe it was something she did with her first owner, but it took me by surprise. I climbed into bed and she jumped up with me and started nosing around the edge of the covers. She obviously knew that was the way under the covers and she wanted to get cozy. After going to bed she'll snuggle for an hour or so, then nose her way out and sleep on top of the covers with us. I'm sure she'd snuggle with her dad too, but his allergies don't allow for under-the-cover cat snuggles. 

Sammi sitting on the heater vent Sammi may not enjoy being held, but she loves being petted. Every workday morning part of her routine is to sit on her perch and wait for petting from her dad. After a few strokes on her back she'll lower her forehead to the perch, lift her rump and enjoy a back rub and hip massage. What a great way to start the day! Sometimes she's so happy and relaxed that she'll flop onto her side, and we have to be sure she's paying attention and won't flop herself off the perch as she's trying to enjoy more petting!

Sammi quickly earned the title "ballerina" because she'll stand up on her hind legs in anticipation of her canned food being served. She's smart enough to wait to dance until the food comes out of the microwave. After all, there's no sense in exerting all that effort while your food is being warmed, only when it's being mixed and served. 

We adopted a 4-year old cat, Raven, the same time we adopted Sammi. Raven is a curious, rambunctious kitty who enjoys chasing Sammi. But Sammi keeps her younger sister in line with a piercing stare, and if needed, a bop on the head. She only needs one front paw to do that!

Sammi is the regal queen of her home. She watches the world go by, never being bothered by much of anything.  You can read about how having 3 legs has affected her life.

p.s. At her first vet check-up we discovered Sammi didn't have her lower-left canine tooth. Oh well, another missing part!