Raven — The Inquisitive Indulged Furry

Born: 2004

I joined the Indulged Furry House on December 5, 2008.
My birthday is celebrated on October 16.

We entered the adoptable cats' living room at the local SPCA and within a couple minutes there was a beautiful black cat trying to crawl into my purse. I had to laugh because the cat was bigger than my purse, but determined to get into it. Maybe she thought I wouldn't notice 10 pounds of furriness falling out of my purse and she would sneak home with us. I picked kitty up and put her on my lap, where she quickly curled up, purred, buried her head, and settled in for a nap. She made it clear that I had been chosen to be her mom and she was the newest member of the Indulged Furries' home. 

Raven was the name we chose for our jet black girl with feathery soft fur. She has a bit of smoke gray fur along the edges of her tummy, but only enough to highlight how black she is. Even her whiskers are black. All that blackness makes her gold eyes stand out. As a 4-year old, Raven is full of curiosity and energy. She has a strong prey drive and loves to chase, bat, and pounce on her toys. Although she shows no interest in our resident hamster, she was more than happy to try to make a chinchilla her dinner. You can read about that adventure in the Indulged Furry's Blog. Don't worry, the chinchilla wasn't harmed. She stalks & ambushes her sister Sammi, but Sammi has learned the usual ambush locations and runs past, which usually results in a little game of chase. Raven also enjoys chasing your feet as you walk and she's nearly tripped us several times. If you walk up to her and pause for a second she'll usually give your ankle a gentle tap with her paw, just to let you know she could get you if she wanted to.

Raven's jet black fur and penchant for curling up in tiny spaces gives her a natural talent for hiding. We've gone on many seek-and-find missions for our puddle of darkness. If her eyes are closed, she's nearly impossible to find. She's so dark and quiet she doesn't even have to try to hide. One night she was resting in the middle of the unlit hallway and the tip of my toes grazed her nose as I walked through. I'm convinced she has a kitty angel watching over her.

Raven has two amusing personality quirks. She digs so fervently in preparation for going potty that she'll stick her forehead in the litter while trying to make a deeper hole. Then when she's finished her business, she develops an aversion to litter and stands on the rim of the litter box pawing at the bathroom wall and looking confused that nothing is getting buried. It's obvious when she does this because I use corn-based litter that's yellow, and she comes out of the bathroom with a forehead dusted with the evidence of her excavation. Her other quirk is to wait outside the shower for her dad to come out with wet legs so she can lick the water off. It must be her way of being affectionate with her dad.

Raven is so cute and sweet that it's hard to understand why she was at the SPCA for 4 months. Some say it's because she's black, but I've never adopted a cat (or been adopted by a cat) based on its color. We're lucky that this black cat crossed our path when we were looking to bring a new kitty into our home.