The Indulged Feline Perch and Bed Collection

We are fortunate to have an extensive perch collection to keep us climbing, scratching, and entertained.  All kitties should have at least one perch where they are encouraged to scratch and climb.  We've found that a scratching post / perch should be about 3 feet high for a proper stretching scratch.  

These photos are somewhat in-scale with each other, so you can get an idea of the size of each perch.

The "Store-bought Short Perch Collection"

The store-bought perch collection double cradle

After the first generation of cats has passed away, we donated the 4 perches on the right to the county animal shelter.

The Store-bought Tall Perch

Even thought we're Indulged Furries, we only have one of these. It is 6 feet tall and has 4 levels with different platform types (flat, curved, and a bed). We even helped with assembly!

Smokey helping with perch Smokey, Felix, Bentley helping with perch Smokey helping again Tower

The Log Jungle Gym

Ed on his logsEd loves to scratch his logs. They are about 40 inches long, cut from a friend's Ash tree.

Being indulged is not the most important thing in life. Being loved is. Remember, indulgence often comes in the simple things in life, like snuggling with your kitty sibling (or with your caretaker). Our favorite blanket makes a great snuggle bed. The best thing is it can be moved around the house to our favorite window, or on top of the dryer for a warm  cozy snooze. 

smokey and felix snuggling on blanket smokey and felix