Health Issues

Read about the variety of Health Issues we've dealt with including:

  • renal failure, hyperthyroidism, diabetes
  • several types of cancer
  • feline infectious anemia
  • There's also been the occasional flea, overweight issues, and encouraging a sick cat to eat.

Thriving with Three Legs

Read about Sammi, who enjoys life with only three-legs, and how we make life easier for her.

Product Reviews

Products we like or dislike, toys, perches, etc.

Personal stories of the Indulged Felines

Click our photos to read how we became members of the Indulged Furry family, our "purrsonalities", quirks, and other amusing things we do. Felix began the indulged Furry Family, followed quickly by his "sister" Smokey and his "brother" Eddie Bear. Sammi and Raven are the current Indulged Felines.

   Felix    Smokey    Ed

Our Cousins Cooper & Hunter